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well the guy from the trial shift called me back the day after.

I got the job, washing dishes for $20/hour, for as many or as few hours as I want. I had a few more shifts that week, so earned about $300 - it should be coming into my account today, so I went out and celebrated by FINALLY buying myself a new guitar!

I've been thinking about buying a guitar for months now, but was worried about the extra hassle of traveling with it. But I wanted one, and I'm not moving around as much now, so I thought I'd just go for it. Also, there are a bunch of people at the hostel with guitars and ukuleles etc, so I can jam with them to get my playing back up to scratch.

The guitar's a legacy acoustic guitar with a pick up in it, so i can plug it into an amp if i want. Its steel string, with a nice clear and clean sound. It came with a gig bag, strap, tuner etc. and was in a sale, so it was $240 down from $300. I could have got one in thailand for much cheaper, but it just didnt happen, so oh well! "no worries, mate" as the australians would say... a saying which I picked up pretty quickly whilst traveling in south east asia.

I also got some more good news - I've been given a job as a charity fund raiser for an environmental charity here called the wilderness society. I get pretty similar pay as with the other job, plus commission on top. They also pay me to go on road trips, and even fly us to other cities in australia, so its going to be pretty cool! also, I want to go into working with environmental charities in the future, so this will actually be a beneficial job for my CV rather than just another odd job.

A friend of mine from the hostel just lost his job as a kitchen hand. Backpackers get treated pretty rough, we're just a cheap source of disposable labour. His boss hadn't told him that he was only covering for someone while she was on holiday - she came back, he lost his job. So seeing as I'm leaving my job as a kitchen hand, I'm going to try and get him in to replace me - it works for everyone. He gets a job (with better pay than his old one), the kitchen get a new member of staff without having to find em themselves, and I don't feel as guilty for telling em I'd stay a few months, then leaving after a week!

I've also decided i'm going to buy a usb cable in order to steal music and films from everybody else's laptops - dont seem be able to download using the free wifi in the library, and that would be a cool way to hear about new stuff.

So, I'll work with these guys for a few months and save up for the road. practise playing guitar in the hostel, and generally have a good time!

Posted by joe_leviente 20:19

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