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making a few friends on the plane was lucky for me.

I met Tristan, an australian who was returning from five years living in London and seemed just as lost as me. I also met Vicky and Kris, some students from Brisbane.

Myself and Tristan spent a couple of hours sitting around smoking cigarettes as if we were still in asia, before deciding we needed to pull ourselves together and find out how to get to where we were each going. I found the bus stop, Tristan found the station.

When our plane landed in the Gold Coast, it was raining. It must only rain about 5 days a year here, so we were pretty unlucky! i thought someone had played a horrible trick on me and sent me back to England!

The Gold coast was cool. I stayed in a town called surfer's paradise, a name which suited it. There were some really amazing party nights, a nice beach, and good surf. However, I couldn't party because of the antibiotics, I couldnt go to the beach because of the rain, and I couldn't waste the day getting pissed in "Irish" bars.

Also, I was learning how expensive Australia is. Luckily the hostels here have cooking facilities, so you can buy your food from the supermarket, but everything else is EXPENSIVE! a 30 minute bus journey cost me 8 dollars. A Schooner of beer (about 3/4 of a pint) costs 8 dollars. a packet of cigarettes costs 18 dollars. I needed a job.

I also needed to get my medicare card, so I can receive free health care, an australian bank account, so I can receive my pay, and a tax file number, to make everything legal. I needed a phone, so people could get in touch with me (I hadnt had a phone for over 5 months, since mine broke and i didnt want to get another one in Asia - no use, just something else to lose, and they don't fit very well in the pockets of swim shorts).

I headed to Brisbane, the nearest city (third largest in Australia), where I could get everything sorted, and look for a job while it was all going through.

It was in Brisbane that I realised how many RULES there were in Australia! Don't smoke, Don't stand here, Don't speak to the staff, Don't drink in public, Don't do this, Don't do that... You can't even CROSS THE ROAD on your own! you get fined for crossing anywhere other than at a pedestrian crossing with the green man showing, which is infuriating! you can be standing there for five minutes, with no cars moving, and no people moving, just because the man hasn't turned green.

Anyway, I got my stuff sorted and am currently waiting for it all to be delivered to my hostel.

I spent yesterday looking for jobs, which involved walking around southbank (it even looks like south bank in london!) handing out CVs at anywhere that looked like a bar, restaurant, or cafe.

I got a call that same day, asking me to come to a trial shift that evening, so I rushed out to buy some black trousers and Tshirts.

He sounded pleased, and said he'd call me back today to organise when I can start. However, He said he'd call by noon, and at 4pm I still havent heard from him - so I'm doubtful.

Luckily, this morning, 2 other places offered me trial shifts over the next couple of days

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